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I am not a company. I am concrete person.
My name is Alexander. I live in the city of Novorossiysk (Russia).
My personal site: en.bob989.net. (This is the English version. And there is little information.)
Russian version bob989.net contains much more information.
For many years I collect various things. Postage stamps, coins, cards, badges, etc.
Here I want to offer you something.

Come in. I hope to find for yourself something interesting...

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Only $2.00 worldwide shipping. And FREE shipping for all orders of $20.00 or more...

Россия. 1898г. 1 рубль
250.00 руб.

США. 1971 г. 1$
"Лунный доллар"
300.00 руб.

Пантикапей. IV до н.э.
Гемихалк "Бычок"
1,350.00 руб.

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